Microsoft Finally Addresses Rumors Regarding the Future of Xbox


Following an earlier announcement by Phil Spencer regarding the future of Xbox, it looks like Microsoft itself has issued a definitive update on its plans for Xbox, following an online broadcast with Spencer, President of Gaming Content and Studios Matt Booty, and Xbox President Sarah Bond.

Likewise, the official Xbox social media page Tweeted out several updates following the podcast’s airing, essentially summarizing the statements made on the Xbox’s business side of things.

As such, it looks like talk about certain Xbox exclusives being made open to other platforms was not unfounded – Phil Spencer himself confirmed that four Xbox titles will be launched for competing systems (presumably the PS5 and Nintendo Switch), although he did not specify which games were being ported over.

As for Microsoft “exiting” the console industry, it looks like the Xbox is here to stay. An official statement from the company states:

“Xbox hardware will also continue to be a flagship experience for players and for game developers to launch games on with a robust and innovative multi-year hardware roadmap, including more console and controller options for you this holiday.”

With all that being said, it looks like there’s little reason for worry among Xbox enthusiasts and loyalists, as Microsoft’s flagship console will remain on the scene for years to come.

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