The OnePlus 12R storage speeds won’t be as fast as we thought


Last month, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 12R. This is the global version of the OnePlus Ace 3, the China variant of the phone. The company also revealed that the phone would come with UFS 4.0 storage, but it turns out it was a mistake on their end. It turns out that the storage speeds of the OnePlus 12R will be slower than we thought.

This is according to an update in the OnePlus Community forum where the company’s President and COO Kinder Liu acknowledged the mistake when communicating the storage speeds of the OnePlus 12R.

“During the launch of the OnePlus 12R, we announced Trinity Engine, a new set of software algorithms that help keep your phone’s memory and storage running fast and smooth for years to come. Due to an error, we stated that the storage enhanced by Trinity Engine would be UFS 4.0 in some variants. I can now confirm that the storage in all variants of the OnePlus 12R is still enhanced by Trinity Engine but is actually UFS 3.1.”

So, what exactly is the difference? According to the tech specs, it is much faster. UFS 4.0 offers up to 4,200MBps in read speeds and 2,800MBps in write speeds. UFS 3.1 on the other hand offers 2,100MBps and 1,200MBps respectively. Another thing to note is that UFS 4.0 also has the added benefit of consuming less power, so in theory, it is better for battery life.

Unless you’re coming from a UFS 4.0 phone, chances are you can’t tell the differences in speed. UFS 3.1 is still pretty fast and unless you’re accessing really big files, it should be fast enough where you probably won’t notice it.

At the end of the day, the OnePlus 12R still offers a pretty good value proposition. With its $500 price tag and using flagship hardware from 2023, it’s still a fantastic choice.

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