Nova Launcher Announces New Beta Features


Popular Android customization app Nova Launcher recently announced several new features with the launcher’s beta version, as part of the Nova Launcher 8.0.14 Beta update. The app’s official social media page Tweeted out the announcement, which lists the newly-added functions and fixes, which include the following:

  • Add Gemini assistant icon option
  • Add support for Android 13’s App Language feature
  • Add support for IP addresses in search
  • MicroResults can be copied to the clipboard by tapping
  • Many fixes with the bottom drawer search bar

Users can also can download 8.0.14 from the Nova Launcher discord, with an expected beta roll out on Google Play Store soon. Interestingly, the new beta update adds support for Google Gemini, which itself is available for Android phones in several regions worldwide.

For folks unfamiliar with launchers. Nova launcher is one of many similarly-functioning apps that allow users to change the look and feel of their phone’s user interface, with options for interchangeable icon packs, visual effects, fonts and more.

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