Reports Suggest that the PS5 is Outselling the Xbox Series S|X Significantly


Not too long after a barrage of rumors spelling doom for Microsoft’s Xbox division took the internet by storm, new sales data now shows that Sony’s widly-popular PlayStation 5 platform has outsold the Xbox Series S|X two-to-one. The numbers were revealed via a recent earnings report from Take-Two Interactive, which paints a pretty picture, at least for Sony.

More specifically, the earnings report mentions that at the end of 2023, over 77 million 9th-generation consoles have been sold in total, which includes both PlayStation and Xbox systems. Given that Sony announced sales of 50 million PS5 units back in December, this then gives an estimate of around 27 million Xbox units sold by comparison.

It’s also worth noting that both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X were released back in 2020.

It’s expected that Microsoft will be holding a business update event next week to address concerns regarding the future of the Xbox console line, as well as clear up discussions surrounding the exclusivity of certain first-party Xbox games. The announcement was made by Xbox head Phil Spencer in a recent post on his social media profile.

Source: IGN

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