Could Google’s Tensor G4 Chipset be Slower than the G3?


If there’s anything Google’s Pixel phones are notorious for (the newer ones at least), it’s that they’re not really designed to be heavy-hitting work horses, which is in part due to the modest nature of Google’s Tensor SoCs. While last year’s Tensor G3 was a slight improvement over the original Tensor and the G2, it looks like the incoming Tensor G4 might not be the upgrade that people are expecting, at least according to some early tests.

This is according to a Geekbench 5 test listing, which pits the the Tensor G4 directly against the G3. The tests show that the G4 is 19% slower than the G3, and packs fewer cores than its predecessor. In single-core tests, the G4 managed to nab a score of 1082, while it scored 3121 with multi-core testing. One big consideration however is that the Geekbench 5 scores are results of initial testing, so it’s too early to make a definite conclusion on the current scores.

Another interesting tidbit is that the Tensor G4 only features 8 cores, meaning that it’s unlikely to be a modified version of the Exynos 2400 chip which packs 10 cores. A while back however, it was reported that Google won’t be moving on from Samsung’s fabrication process until the Tensor G5, which will supposedly be designed in collaboration with TSMC.

In any case, this early Geekbench test might not yet show the whole picture when it comes to the Tensor G4. Given the amount of leaks nowadays though, we’ll be sure to find out more info in the coming weeks and months.

Source: wccftech

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