Google’s Gemini Advanced is Finally Here, but there’s a Catch


Google’s foray into generative AI software has certainly been a rather commendable effort, with the company wasting no time in bringing AI-powered services to end users. As such, Google finally announced the launch of Gemini Advanced, which the company claims is its most powerful AI model yet.

Gemini Advanced gives users access to Ultra 1.0, which is capable of handling different tasks including coding, reasoning, as well as working with users on projects. Google adds that it’s also able to maintain longer and more detailed conversations based on context from prompts. Google does state that it will add more features in the future, including access to expanded multimodal capabilities, more interactive coding features, and deeper data analysis capabilities to name a few.

With all that being said however, Google’s fancy new AI model comes at a price. Gemini Advanced will be available as part of Google’s One AI Premium Plan for $19.99/month, which offers users a free two-month trial and access to 2TB of Google Drive storage. Additionally, users will be able to use Gemini in different services such as Gmail, Docs, and more.

It’s available today in around 150 different countries and regions, with more languages to be added soon.

Source: Google

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