Top 10 Undetectable AI Alternatives to Bypass AI Detection (Free & Paid)


Launched back in May of 2023, Undetectable AI is one of the many undetectable AI writers to hit the market in recent years. Otherwise known as AI humanizers and AI detection removers, these tools are able to rewrite and restructure AI text to bypass detection.

However, quality levels can vary from tool to tool. And Undetectable AI isn’t always the most reliable. It has a couple of notable issues, sometimes failing to bypass AI detection effectively and often producing content that requires manual editing.

Fortunately, if you’re seeking an Undetectable AI alternative, this guide has got you covered. Below, we’ll list no less than 10 of the best alternatives to Undetectable AI. All of the tools below can help you get past AI detectors with successful text humanization.

  1. Bypass GPT – Best Undetectable AI Alternative Overall
  2. Undetectable AI – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for New Users
  3. Bypass AI – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Retaining Meaning
  4. HIX Bypass – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Performance
  5. Humbot – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Enhancing SEO Performance
  6. StealthWriter – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Heavy-Duty Users
  7. WriteHuman – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Mobile 
  8. AI Undetectable – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Features
  9. GPTinf – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Simplicity
  10. StealthGPT – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Students

BypassGPT – Best Undetectable AI Alternative Overall

When it comes to Undetectable AI alternatives, Bypass GPT is one of the best around. Boasting state-of-the-art humanization technology, this undetectable AI writer has been trained to mimic the writing style of professional human writers.

That means that BypassGPT can produce top-quality, error-free content that feels truly human. It does all of that without any plagiarism. Plus, it comes with bonus features like a built-in AI checker and adjustable readability levels.

In terms of performance, Bypass GPT beats all AI detection tools like Originality.ai, GPTZero, or ZeroGPT. Our tests indicate that its output content consistently receives a 100% human score across various AI detection platforms.


  • Humanizes AI text to the highest standards of human-written content
  • Successfully bypasses detection by all AI detectors, steering clear of being flagged as spam
  • Offers advanced features, like built-in AI scanning
  • Works on all kinds of text, from blogs to essays


  • Free version only supports up to 300 words


Free to start. 

Premium plans are also available, with prices starting at $15 per month for 20,000 words of text humanization. You can adjust your monthly word limit all the way up to 500,000. 

In addition, you can choose to pay yearly to save some cash. 

Seeking the most reliable undetectable AI writer to replace Undetectable AI? Try BypassGPT today.

Undetectable AI – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for New Users

If you’re new to the world of undetectable AI writing, you might like a sleek and simple tool that doesn’t overcomplicate things. In that case, Undetectable AI is a terrific option to choose. It may have a similar name to Undetectable.AI, but it’s a totally separate tool.

With its attractive and beginner-friendly design, this tool is super easy to work with. Simply paste or type the AI text into the box and click the “Humanize” button, and let Undetectable AI work on its magic. Within seconds, you’ll receive output content that can effortlessly bypass popular AI checkers such as Turnitin and Scribbr.

Its output text is always impressive, true to the original meaning, and free of plagiarism or problematic grammar errors. In short, it’s the ideal choice for anyone who is new to the world of bypassing AI detection.


  • Simple and smart user interface
  • Advanced humanization technology
  • Produces error-free, high quality text
  • Can bypass all major AI checkers
  • Free of plagiarism issues
  • Maintains the original meaning of the text


  • Lacking advanced features


Undetectable AI provides users with a complimentary 500-word free plan for exploring its features. Additionally, there are three premium plans available, named Basic, Pro, and Ultimate.

Each plan comes with a varying maximum monthly word count, ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 words. The pricing starts at just $5, $10, and $15 per month, respectively.

Bypass AI –  Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Retaining Meaning

An issue that many users have with Undetectable AI is that it sometimes detracts from the original meaning or message of a text. However, Bypass AI won’t make that same mistake. This AI humanizer can rewrite and restructure your essays, blogs, and articles without changing their message.

It uses advanced natural language modeling to produce top quality results, with the kind of text that can secure a 100% human score on any AI detector, including Copyleaks and ZeroGPT. Like all the other best AI humanizers, BypassAI also doesn’t make mistakes, nor does it plagiarize.


  • Effectively maintains the original message of the text
  • A simple and straightforward interface
  • Powered by high-end natural language modeling 
  • Bypasses all the AI detectors with its advanced humanization technology


  • Doesn’t support file uploads


BypassAI is free to get started, with three premium plans:

  • Basic plan starts at only $4.90 a month if you pay annually or $14.90 if you pay monthly. 
  • Pro plan starts at only $19.90 a month if you pay annually or $29.90 if you pay monthly. 
  • Basic plan starts at only $39.90 a month if you pay annually or $49.90 if you pay monthly. 

Each plan has its own maximum monthly word limit, so you can choose whichever one suits your needs best.

HIX Bypass – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Performance

HIX Bypass is yet another Undetectable AI alternative, developed by the wildly successful AI writing copilot – HIX.AI. With industry-leading humanization technology, HIX Bypass swiftly makes AI text undetectable. Moreover, leveraging an exceptional language model within the HIX.AI framework, HIX Bypass ensures the generated content is of high quality, free from plagiarism.

Whether you’re dealing with AI text from ChatGPT, Jasper, or Copy.ai, HIX Bypass proves to be a reliable solution for bypassing AI detection. Boasting an impressive 99% success rate, it effectively conceals AI text from all detectors, including Content at Scale, Sapling, and Writer.


  • Can easily bypass most AI detection tools
  • Extremely advanced humanization technology
  • Part of a much wider set of AI writing tools
  • Often improves the quality of the text it rewrites


  • Navigation is somewhat more challenging compared to other competitors


You can try HIX Bypass for free. But if you want to use it regularly, you’ll need to pay for a premium plan. You can pick either a Pro plan or the Unlimited plan. 

The Pro plan starts at $6.99 per month for annual billing, with a monthly word limitation. The Unlimited plan is priced at $59.9 per month, billed annually, providing unlimited requests for AI text humanization.

Humbot – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Enhancing SEO Performance

While Humbot excels in humanizing various forms of AI content, its standout feature lies in optimizing SEO content. Humbot meticulously analyzes input content, preserving essential keywords for effective search engine optimization. 

With Humbot, you not only receive humanized AI text but also enhance your chances of achieving a high ranking on search engines. Moreover, Humbot consistently implements intelligent and impactful changes, ensuring that the output text reads well and successfully evades detection by all AI checkers.


  • Easily bypasses the majority of AI detectors
  • Improves the overall content quality and SEO performance
  • Employs advanced humanization technology
  • Ensures the originality of the output content
  • Fair and flexible pricing


  • Won’t accept all file types


New users can humanize a few hundreds words of text with Humbot for free. If you need more than that, you can sign up to a flexible monthly or yearly plan. 

These plans offer word counts ranging from 20,000 to 760,000, with prices starting at just $5 per month for annual subscribers or $9.99 for monthly payments.

StealthWriter – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Heavy-Duty Users

StealthWriter is a popular AI detection remover that can take AI-generated text and make a host of changes to improve its quality and originality. It can help you bypass most AI detectors, like ZeroGPT and Winston, most of the time.

Whether you need to humanize a blog post, an essay, or a series of product descriptions, StealthWriter should be able to handle it. It also offers adjustable “aggression levels” you can use to change how much of the text gets changed, perfect for professional users.


  • A range of helpful advanced features
  • Both free and paid plans available
  • Works with long and short-form content


  • Can be tricky for new users
  • Free version often fails to bypass detection


You can try StealthWriter for free, but pro users will need to sign up to a paid plan. There are three plans to choose from – Basic, Standard, and Premium. Prices range from $20 to $50 per month if you pay monthly, or you can save some cash by signing up to an annual plan.

WriteHuman – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Mobile

WriteHuman is an AI humanizer. Like the other tools featured on this list, it can scan a piece of AI-written text, spot the signs of AI usage, and then rewrite it to sound more human. The results are usually of good quality and should be able to bypass most of the big AI detectors.

WriteHuman also has the benefit of working well on mobile. It has a smart, responsive design to adapt to smaller screens. So, if you want to humanize AI text on a phone or tablet, this isn’t a bad tool to use.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Usually bypasses most AI detectors


  • Sometimes produces quite bland, boring text
  • Ultra plan is quite expensive


Like many other Undetectable AI alternatives, WriteHuman is free to try and has three premium plans. Users can choose to pay either monthly or yearly, with a slight discount for yearly subscribers. Prices begin at $6.80 per month for the entry-level Basic plan.

AI Undetectable – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Features

Many AI detection removers are quite simple, but AI Undetectable offers lots of extra features. It allows you, for example, to increase or decrease the word count of the text you’re working with, or even change the readability level and improve the quality of the text.

These advanced features make AI Undetectable a useful tool for daily or professional users. They allow you to play around with the output text in various ways until you get exactly what you want. This AI humanizer also works in multiple languages, not just English.


  • A range of advanced features to modify output text
  • Can improve quality and change word count
  • Ideal for advanced users


  • Can be quite a pricey tool to work with
  • Advanced features may confuse beginner users


AI Undetectable doesn’t have the usual monthly or annual fees. Instead, it lets you buy word bundles whenever you need them, ranging from $2.99 to $5.99 in value. Users can buy more words whenever they run out, rather than worrying about recurring fees.

GPTinf – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Simplicity

GPTinf stands out from the crowd of undetectable AI writers for its simplicity. It has one of the most basic and barebones designs around, with a simple text box on a black background. Advanced users might find it a little dull, but it’s very welcoming for beginners.

Like other undetectable AI writers, GPTinf can take GPT-written text or content made by other AI bots and humanize it. It may help you get a pass or even acquire a 100% human score on AI detectors like Originality.AI and ZeroGPT.


  • One of the simplest and most beginner-friendly options
  • Streamlined, no-frills user interface
  • Lots of pricing plans to suit all budgets


  • Lacks advanced features and functions
  • Too basic for professional use


GPTinf has fully flexible monthly and annual pricing plans. User can choose the exact word limit they need, ranging from 10k words per month up to 500k words, with prices starting as low as $8 per month, if you sign up for an annual subscription.

StealthGPT – Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Students

A lot of students are looking for undetectable AI writers to help with their essays, homework, and education. StealthGPT is a decent choice, designed with students in mind to help improve the quality of their work and bypass leading AI detectors used in the education sector, like Turnitin.

It can also beat Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and many more AI checkers, usually obtaining a close to 100% human score. It offers speedy processing times and multi-language support, but is one of the most expensive options around.


  • Well-suited to student use
  • Comes with a Chrome extension to humanize AI text on the fly
  • Works well with complicated essays and papers


  • One of the most expensive tools
  • Sometimes produces inaccurate data


There are three premium plans to choose from with StealthGPT: Essential, Pro, and Exclusive. Prices start at $14.99 if you pay monthly, and there are optional extra fees, like $4.99 per month to access the tool’s more advanced “Samurai” engine.

Other Alternative Ways to Bypass AI Detection Instead of Using Undetectable AI 

As well as using an Undetectable AI alternative, you can try other methods to bypass AI detection. Some methods to try include:

  • Use Active Voice: A lot of AI detectors are trained to spot excessive use of the passive voice. So swap out any passive sentences or phrases for active ones.
  • Remove Repetition: Many AI writers repeat the same points or words over and over. Remove repetition from your content to help it bypass AI detection.
  • Try Different Prompts: You can also try using alternative prompts when working with AI bots, like asking them to “write in a natural, conversational style”.
  • Write Some Text Manually: A simple but time-consuming way to bypass AI detection is also to write some of your text yourself and let AI fill in the rest.
  • Restructure and Paraphrase: You can also make manual changes to the structure of your text, paraphrasing or shortening overly long sections.

Summing Up: The Best Undetectable AI Alternative to Use

So, if you’ve been having trouble with Undetectable AI or feel like it simply doesn’t offer the kind of value you need, consider one of the other tools listed above. The likes of BypassGPT, Undetectable AI, and BypassAI are particularly effective when it comes to humanizing text and producing high quality, original, readable content you’ll be proud to share or publish.


Which is the best Undetectable AI alternative?

It depends on your specific needs and budget, but BypassGPT is arguably the best of the bunch thanks to its powerful humanization technology and smart design.

Why should I use an Undetectable AI alternative?

You might want to switch from Undetectable AI as it sometimes fails to bypass AI detection and produces content that is inaccurate.

How do Undetectable AI alternatives work?

Each tool is different. But, in general, they all work on the same basic principles of humanization. They can take AI-generated text and make changes to its word selections and structure to improve it and help it get past any AI checker.

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