One UI 6.1 lets users get rid of the navigation pill


Our phones offer us a lot of customization, but sometimes there are certain aspects that we would like to customize but we aren’t able to. The navigation pill on Samsung’s smartphones is an example. Luckily, if your phone is eligible for the One UI 6.1 update, it looks like Samsung is finally letting users hide that feature.

For those unfamiliar, the navigation pill guides users on using the new Circle to Search feature. If you prefer not to see the floating bar on the bottom of your screen, you can hide it. Ensure that you update your phone to One UI 6.1, and the best part is that it still enables users to utilize Circle to Search if they already know how to activate it.

  1. Download the Good Lock app from the Galaxy App Store
  2. Launch the app and go to the NavStar module in the app
  3. Download and install NavStar
  4. Launch NavStar and toggle it on
  5. Tap on “Enable extra gesture settings” to toggle it on
  6. Close the app and go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > More options
  7. Look for “Gesture hint” and toggle it off to hide it and you’re done!

In the screenshot in the post on X by Mishaal Rahman, this actually frees up quite a chunk of screen real estate. This results in a cleaner looking UI.

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