The Switch 2 Might Ditch OLED Technology for its Display


While it hasn’t been officially announced by Nintendo at the moment, a lot of folks are nevertheless expecting the arrival of the Big N’s Switch successor this year, currently dubbed the “Switch 2.” We’ve gotten a number of supposed launch windows, although there hasn’t been much mentioned in the way of hardware, that is until now.

A prediction from analyst Hiroshi Hayase states that Nintendo’s next mainline console will come with an 8-inch display, which is a bit larger than the 7-inch screen on the Switch OLED model. Unlike the current model however, Hayase says that the Switch will go back to using an LCD display in lieu of an OLED panel.

This might come as a disappointment for some, given that OLED displays typically feature more vibrant colors and richer contrast levels when compared to their LCD counterparts. Of course at this point this is only a prediction, although there’s always the possibility that Nintendo might launch a separate OLED model down the line.

Earlier on, statements made online from AI Shark (formerly Gameshark) seem to indicate that the Switch 2 will launch sometime this fall, although no specific date was mentioned.

Source: IGN

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