X finally rolls out audio and video calling support on Android!


When developers introduce updates for their apps, it might land on one platform first before making its way to another. This is the case with the audio and video calling features on X, where it initially arrived on iOS last year before making its way onto Android now.

An X employee confirmed the rollout of audio and video calling for Android in a post on the platform. They noted that the feature is rolling out “slowly”. This means that not all users will see it right away, but as long as you’re using the latest version, you should get it eventually.

That being said, there is something you will want to take note of before you get too excited. The app’s audio and video calling features are only available to X Premium users. All users can receive calls, but only those who are subscribed to the Premium will be able to make AND receive calls.

If you don’t really plan to use the platform to make calls we suppose it’s not a big deal. There are plenty of other messaging apps that you are using that offer it for free. If anything, these features on X are more about convenience than being a must-have.

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