Samsung Galaxy S24 translation feature will work with WhatsApp


One of the new AI-powered features that Samsung is introducing to its Galaxy S24 series is language translation for calls and messages. This means that instead of users having to copy and paste messages into a separate translation app, the feature will do it for you. We previously assumed that it would only work with the phone’s native message app, but it turns out that the Galaxy S24 translation feature will work with WhatsApp as well.

This is actually pretty cool. At the moment, there aren’t too many messaging apps that come with a built-in translator. WeChat comes to mind, although it is a bit limited in supported languages, but it’s still there and can be useful. Now with Samsung rolling out the feature to the Galaxy S24 and it working with WhatsApp, users will not have to rely on translation apps anymore.

That being said, it is unclear how this works. We’re not sure if app developers will need to implement some kind of API in order to take advantage of the phone’s translation feature, or if the translation feature will work across the board without any input from the developer. The latter is preferable since it means that users won’t have to wait for app updates and hope the developer chooses to support it.

Samsung did say that they do plan to eventually bring some of these AI features to its older phones. The company also mentions on a footnote on its website that there could be plans to eventually start charging users for access to some of its AI features.

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