Galaxy S24 goes all in on AI – new AI features


Now that we have the Samsung Galaxy S24 in our hands we can now see what Galaxy AI has in store for us. This AI acts as your butler for better communication and information retrieval. There is a lot to dig into here. From the Live Transcribe and Interpreter features to handle the difficulties of language barriers. Or you can use the Circle to Search feature so you can reference things at a swipe. This shows it’s only the beginning of what Galaxy AI has to offer.

Epic Everyday Experiences

Every day becomes something new with Galaxy AI and its suite of new features. You can use Chat Assist to find the right tone for your work when crafting the perfect message. The Note Assist feature in Samsung Notes can help with AI-generated summaries. Circle to Search also adds a new element to the every day, not having to go through multiple steps when looking for a specific item in a photo!

Unleashing Creativity with ProVisual Engine

ProVisual Engine is powering all the cool AI tricks under the S24’s hood. Its new AI tools are centre stage in making sure that you get the most out of your photos and videos. While the Nightography mode has AI-driven enhancement tools allowing you to accurately capture the moment regardless of the light.

Performance Excellence and Gaming Prowess

The Galaxy S24 series excels not only in creativity but also in performance. Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform and adaptive refresh rates, the devices offer an unparalleled gaming and multitasking experience. The vibrant display, reaching 2,600nit peak brightness, and design enhancements contribute to a more immersive viewing experience.

Security, Privacy, and Sustainability

Security and privacy are prioritized through Samsung Knox, providing defense-grade protection and user-controlled AI settings. The series embraces environmental sustainability by incorporating recycled materials in its components, setting new standards for eco-friendly design. Samsung’s commitment to extended product lifecycles, OS upgrades, and security updates underscores the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

A Holistic Advancement

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series stands as a holistic advancement in mobile technology, seamlessly integrating AI, creativity, performance, security, and sustainability. It reflects Samsung’s innovation in the digital realm and its commitment to providing users with a transformative, responsible, and future-ready mobile experience.

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