The future of Google search involves a ton of AI


Android powers the majority of smartphones in the market today, but no other handset manufacturer has the kind of relationship that Google and Samsung does. At the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event today, Google unveils new search features powered by AI. Some of which will make its way into the Galaxy S24 series.

Circle to Search

It is no secret that Google wants to integrate more of its AI technology into its core product – search. Circle to Search is one of those new features that is debuting in the Galaxy S24. This allows users to search for anything on their phone’s display. Users can circle objects, highlight, scribble, or tap, and they will be able to find what they need.

This will be incredibly handy if you’re watching a video and don’t want to leave the app. Google’s Gemini will find its way into the phones of Samsung Galaxy S24 users. Gemini Pro will be powering some of the new AI features that are part of the new Galaxy S24 series.

Google Lens update

Google is also making improvements to the multisearch feature of Google Lens. By using AI, users can ask Lens more complex questions. A good example that Google gave is if you’re at a yard sale and come across a board game without its box or instructions. The AI powered multisearch feature allows users to request it to look up additional information on the game and its rules.

The updated version of Lens will be making its way into the Pixel 8 series along with the Galaxy S24.

Android Auto

Android Auto will also be getting some AI assistance. Instead of forcing users to look at the screen, Google’s AI will be able to summarize text messages and suggest relevant replies, so users can just focus on what’s important – keeping their eyes on the road.

All these updates sound really cool and it’s a great time to be an Android user!

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