Beeper Mini Mac users could be in for a rude surprise


If you used Beeper Mini on your Mac in an attempt to send iMessages to your Android friends, you could be in for a rude awakening. Several posts on Reddit have revealed that Apple is banning some Mac users from its iMessage network over allegations of “spam”.

When Apple banned Beeper Mini, one of the workarounds involved using a Mac computer. It turns out that maybe Apple wasn’t cool with that idea.

Thankfully, the ban doesn’t seem to be permanent. Several users report that by contacting Apple support and providing their Mac’s serial number, they successfully unblocked their computers. If you discover your Mac is blocked, reach out to Apple support to resolve the issue.

Beeper Mini made headlines towards the end of 2023 when the company revealed that their app would allow users to send iMessages from their Android phones. Unlike other iMessage workarounds, Beeper Mini basically piggybacked off Apple’s own network.

The app initially worked like a charm, but to no one’s surprise, Apple decided to block it.

Despite coming up with several workarounds, the developers have decided to throw in the towel. Apple will be adding support for RCS later this year, so cross-platform rich text messaging outside of third-party apps should be less of a problem then.

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