Ayaneo’s Next Lite Could be a Steam Deck Competitor


Some time after introducing its Nintendo DS-inspired handheld, Ayaneo recently announced a new handheld, which runs on a platform very similar Steam OS. Dubbed the Ayaneo Next Lite, the new device is the latest in a long line of recently-launched handheld gaming devices.

The device was initially reported to run Steam OS, although Ayaneo has come out with a statement clarifying that the Next Lite will come with HoloISO, which based on some promo images seems very similar to Steam OS. As for hardware, the handheld will come with a 7-inch IPS screen, and will run on an AMD CPU. Other hardware details include a 47W capacity battery and hall-effect joysticks.

With that in mind, Ayaneo wasn’t the only company to recently introduce a new handheld to the market – MSI also turned heads during CES 2024 with the reveal of the MSI Claw, a portable handheld which can play both Android and Windows games.

Speaking of handheld gaming, it’s also rumored that Nintendo’s Switch successor will launch this year, at least according to statements from audio manufacturer Altec Lansing.

Going back to the Ayaneo Next Lite, the device is expected to launch for $299, making it slightly more affordable than the base model Steam Deck.

Source: IGN

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