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The Eureka Dual Washing Bot is an All-in-one Home Cleaning Machine


With CES 2024 almost done we’ve witnessed a healthy variety of innovative tech on display, and as far as versatility goes Eureka’s Dual Washing Bot is one of the more interesting products we’ve seen, at least as far as home appliances go. At first glance it might seem like your run-of-the-mill washing machine, although looks can be deceiving.

What makes the Dual Washing Bot interesting is that it combines several home cleaning functions into one integrated setup – it basically combines a washing machine with dryer functions, a built-on robot vacuum, as well as additional mopping functions. Of course, it’s also designed to work with smart home setups, a feature that most modern home appliances have today.

The base of the washing machine houses the robot vacuum, which packs 5000 Pa of suction power and can easily connect to the base unit to manage its water storage system. It can also clean and dry its built-in mop, a feature that’s commonly seen on most robot vacuums on the market these days.

Despite its CES 2024 announcement however, Eureka has yet to reveal other details such as availability and pricing, in which case we’d suggest waiting a bit longer if you’re interested in grabbing the Dual Washing Bot.

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