The Pokemon TV App Shuts Down this March


For many fans of the hugely-popular Pokemon video game and media franchise, Pokemon TV was one of the most accessible ways to watch and revisit the many episodes of the long-running anime series, although it looks like the Pokemon company is preparing to end the service soon.

In an announcement on the official Pokemon US website, the app will be discontinued in March 2024, more than ten years after it first arrived for mobile devices back in 2013. As per the announcement:

“Thank you to all our fans who have enjoyed Pokémon TV over the years. The Pokémon TV app and website will sunset and the service will end on March 28, 2024. Beginning on January 8, 2024, fans will no longer be able to download the Pokémon TV app from the App Store, Google Play, Roku Channel Store, Amazon Appstore, Nintendo eShop, and”

“However, those who already had the app downloaded on their devices prior to January 8, 2024, will still be able to watch available content until the app fully sunsets on March 28, 2024.”

At this moment, the app is no longer available for download, and users who already have the app installed on their devices from earlier on will no longer be able to access content by the end of March.

Thankfully though, the Pokemon anime will still be available via streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for example, although this will of course depend on regional availability.

Source: Pokemon

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