Google could be planning a rare kernel update for its Tensor-powered Pixel phones


When it comes to Android updates, most of the changes that people look forward to are new features. Basically things that can be seen and felt. But sometimes updates under the hood are just as important, which is why we are pretty excited to hear that Google could be planning a major (and rare) kernel update for its Tensor-powered Pixel phones.

This is according to a post on X by Mishaal Rahman who claims that the Google Tensor Pixel phones could see their kernels updated to version 6.1. For context, Pixel phones powered by the Tensor G1 and G2 run on Linux 5.10, while the G3 runs on Linux 5.15, so this is a major jump in kernel versions.

Kernels, for those unfamiliar, are basically the core foundation that allows the software and hardware to communicate with each other. An outdated kernel could result in devices whose performance lags and could also face security issues, especially considering the fact that new threats keep popping up every now and then.

While the Google kernel update won’t bring about visual changes or introduce new and exciting features to Google’s Pixel phones, it does lay the groundwork for the longevity of the Pixel phones while keeping it up to date. Ultimately, it is a good thing and could be another reason why you might want to consider a Pixel as your next Android phone.

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