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JBL is known for their consumer grade audio products. The company has quite an extensive portfolio of headphones and small and compact Bluetooth speakers. But if you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph, then these JBL portable speakers could be worth your time.

At CES 2024, the company has unveiled a bunch of new portable speakers. This includes the JBL PartyBox Stage 320, the JBL PartyBox Stage 120, and the JBL Xtreme 4.

JBL PartyBox Stage 320

JBL PartyBox Stage 320

Starting with the JBL PartyBox Stage 320, these are a large set of portable speakers. They offer 240W RMS power output so there is no doubt that they can get pretty loud. If you plan to host a large party, then these JBL portable speakers will have no trouble filling up a room. They feature 2x 25mm dome tweeters along with 2x 6.5-inch woofers, so there will be no shortage on the bass.

It is also IPX4 splash resistant, making it perfect for pool parties. It also has AI Sound Boost and support for multi-speaker connectivity via Auracast. The speakers also offer wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.3. The built-in battery is rated for up to 18-hours of playtime. It also supports a replaceable battery if you need to swap in a new one.

As for portability, there is a built-in telescopic handle and wheels so getting it from one location to another will be painless.

JBL PartyBox Stage 120

JBL PartyBox Stage 120

Next up we have the JBL PartyBox Stage 120. This can be considered the slightly smaller version of the PartyBox Stage 320 if you want something cheaper and more compact. It is also portable as it has a built-in foldable handle if you need to carry it around.

One of the features of the PartyBox Stage 120 is that it comes with two microphone inputs and one guitar input. This could come in handy for karaoke sessions or if you want to jam it out with your friends.

It can also be paired with another speaker to create a stereo effect via JBL’s PartyBox app or Auracast. There is also AI Sound Boost, a Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connection, and IPX4 splash-resistance. For those who want some lights to go with their music, there are built-in lights with themes to choose from.

Its battery life is rated for up to 12 hours and it also sports a replaceable battery.

JBL Xtreme 4

JBL Xtreme 4

Last but not least, we have the JBL Xtreme 4. If you don’t need the power that the PartyBox Stage 320 or 120 has to offer, the Xtreme 4 could be a good compromise. It is large enough where it can fill a small room, but not so loud where the neighbors might complain.

It comes with a handy shoulder strap that makes carrying it around a cinch. There is also support for Auracast, AI Sound Boost, and it is also IP67 water and dust-resistant. It can also double up as a power bank if you need to recharge your phone.

There is support for Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, and boasts up to 24 hours of playtime. This might be useful for road trips where you might not have access to charging.

Pricing & availability

If you’re keen on any of these speakers, the JBL PartyBox Stage 320 will be priced at $599.95. The JBL PartyBox Stage 120 will be slightly cheaper at $399.95. As for the JBL Xtreme 4, that will retail for $379.95. Both the JBL PartyBox Stage 320 and 120 will be available in April. The JBL Xtreme 4 will be available in June.

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