The Laifen Wave is an electric toothbrush that’s also easy on the wallet


Keeping your teeth clean is important. This is because poor hygiene can lead to a variety of health complications, where some studies have found that it can actually increase the risk of heart disease amongst other things. If you’re looking for a way to up your teeth hygiene, Laifen’s brand new Wave electric toothbrush could be worth looking at.

The Laifen Wave electric tooth features a dual-action design which combines both oscillation and vibration. The company claims that this will result in 3x higher brushing efficiency. The oscillation design offers a 60-degree range which makes brushing in a vertical motion easier. The toothbrush also uses 0.02mm tapered bristles that are strong enough to provide a deep clean, while also protecting your gums.

As expected with modern day gadgets, the Laifen Wave comes with its own accompanying app. This app will allow users to make changes and control the toothbrush. There are three different settings to choose and 10 different levels, so you can customize its speed and strength.

The Laifen Wave also uses a dual lithium-ion battery that will last for up to 30 days on medium settings. Charging is also pretty quick where it can fully recharge in just 2.5 hours through a magnetic fast-charging cable. The design of the toothbrush itself is also quite slick.

There are three different material finishes you can choose from – stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or ABS plastic. It features a seamless design with no gaps which also allows it to offer an IPX7 rating for water-resistance. The Laifen Wave will retail for $69 for the ABS version, $79 for the aluminum alloy version, and $99 for the stainless steel model, and will be available for purchase on the 5th of March from Laifen’s website.

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