T-Mobile will be changing its “Netflix On Us” plan for some customers


To sweeten the deal and get customers to use their network, T-Mobile has offered customers a bunch of perks. One of those perks is the “Netflix On Us” program which basically gives customers a free Netflix Standard subscription as long as they continue to use T-Mobile’s network and services.

Unfortunately, that will change. According to documents seen by The Mobile Report, come 24th of January, T-Mobile will be changing how it offers Netflix to customers. It won’t affect all users, but those who are currently receiving the Netflix Basic plan through T-Mobile will be switched to the “Standard with Ads” plan, which is basically the cheapest Netflix tier but you’ll have to put up with ads.

This will only affect customers who receive the Netflix Basic plan. Based on the documents, those who are receiving the Netflix Standard plans will continue to do so, although given that Netflix has increased the prices of its plans over the years, we wouldn’t be surprised if maybe the price increase could eventually be passed onto customers.

T-Mobile hasn’t officially announced these changes yet, but if the 24th of January date is accurate, T-Mobile customers should start receiving messages via SMS informing them of the change.

Source: The Mobile Report

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