Huawei’s HarmonyOS could dethrone Apple’s iOS in China


Over the years, we’ve seen many smartphone platforms come and go, ultimately leaving us with basically two options – Android and iOS. Android for the most part commands the majority of the market, largely thanks to the fact that there are many different types of phones at different price points.

In China, Android is dominating at 77%, while iOS commands 22%, but it seems that Apple’s iOS could soon be overtaken by none other than Huawei’s HarmonyOS. This is according to a report from TechInsights in which they believe based on the data, HarmonyOS could be on track to replace iOS as the second largest smartphone platform in China.

This is largely thanks to the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 series back in 2023 which surprised everyone with a new custom chipset with 5G capabilities, leading to patriotic support by locals.

We’ll admit that when HarmonyOS first launched, we had our doubts. This was based on the various smartphone platforms that failed to gain traction over the years. However, China is a unique market because while Android is dominating the smartphone market, Google’s services cannot be accessed in the country, which means that one of the core features of Android is missing.

This means that as long as HarmonyOS offers similar support for local apps and services, users in China might not be as torn compared to users in other countries who might rely on Google’s services on a daily basis. That being said, whether or not HarmonyOS will pose a significant challenge to Android and iOS on a global scale remains to be seen.

Source: SamMobile

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