Samsung Phone app now available for Windows computers


One of the perks of being in the Apple ecosystem is how tightly integrated everything is. If you own an iPhone and a Mac, you can easily answer calls, reply to text messages, and even pick up where you left off browsing from your phone to your computer.

Since not everyone is an Apple fan, Samsung might have the next best thing. The company has launched the Samsung Phone app on Windows. The app is available for download via the Microsoft Store and will be available for computers and laptops running Windows 10 or 11.

Basically what it does is that if you own a Samsung phone and you’ve downloaded this app on your Windows computer, you’ll be able to answer calls from your phone on your computer, making it perfect for those who’d rather not be distracted while working on their PCs by having to reach for their phone.

Microsoft already has an app in the form of the Windows Phone Link app that lets users check messages from their Android phone on their Windows computer, and also take calls when their devices are paired via Bluetooth, so this is another option to consider if you own a Samsung phone and want to look for a different app.

Source: SamMobile

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