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There are many monitoring applications on the market that can track the location of mobile phones and monitor the data of various applications to ensure the location of loved ones and network security. SpyX is one of the most trustworthy and cost-effective phone monitoring app in the relationship security category. It can synchronize the data of the target device in time, and the user does not need to spend too much time waiting. And not long ago, SpyX just launched a major update – using Google Cloud to bind Android solutions, opening up a new market for Android connection ways. It allows Android users to monitor without downloading an app, making monitoring more convenient.

Comprehensive features

SpyX is undoubtedly one of the most full-featured monitoring software for Android and iOS. Users don’t need to download apps or jailbreak, and it only takes a few minutes to set up to easily monitor phone data. Whether you want to monitor your own phone or someone else’s, SpyX has you covered. With SpyX, users can capture more than 30 applications.

Among the most commonly used functions are tracking call records, monitoring text messages, locating locations, viewing photos & videos, etc. Users can see the information sent, received and even deleted by the monitored device, and can also monitor incoming, outgoing and missed calls. SpyX not only allows you to view photos and videos in the target device’s photo album, but also view recently deleted and hidden photos. The GPS positioning function allows users to view the current and past locations of the monitored person.

SpyX monitors other common features such as monitoring browser history, viewing WiFi network connections, receiving calendar notifications, seeing note records, etc. Users can view which web pages the monitored person has browsed and the time and date of browsing. They can also monitor what WiFi the device has connected to, what reminders are recorded in the calendar, and what is recorded in the notepad. SpyX can meet almost all common features that users need.

In addition to common features, SpyX can also monitor various popular social media software such as WhatsApp, Tiktok, Line, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, Youtube, Kik, etc. It can monitor who the monitored person is chatting with on social media software, the text content of the chat, the pictures sent and received, which videos have been watched, and even the voice content, SpyX can also monitor it. SpyX now uses an ultra-fast screenshot mode, which can take a screenshot every 5 seconds, so any operation of the monitored person on the mobile phone can be quickly captured by SpyX.

In order to further meet the needs of users, SpyX has also added a keylogger feature. The keystroke logger is used to record every keystroke typed by the user on the device. It can record a wealth of information about the activities of the person being monitored. For example, passwords entered by users on the device (such as WiFi passwords, software login passwords), URLs entered, messages typed on the keyboard, etc can all be recorded and captured through keystrokes. Therefore, this can effectively solve the problem of users being unable to log in due to forgetting the software password.

More importantly, SpyX works in a completely private mode. It can hide information well and ensure data security. It will not leak any user data and privacy, and the monitored person will not discover it. Users can feel safe and secure when using it.

The most cost-effective choice

SpyX currently provides the most convenient iCloud connected device solution for iOS. iPhone users only need to log in with iCloud account and password to achieve monitoring. When it comes to Android monitoring, SpyX offers a variety of solution options for users with Android needs, including APK solutions used by most apps on the market (i.e. downloading the application on the target Android device), and SpyX’s exclusive Google cloud connection solution, users do not need to download and install software when using the cloud solution. Like iPhone users, they only need to log in with a Google account and password. 

No matter what your cell phone monitoring needs are or which device connection plan you choose, the SpyX subscription price is the same. SpyX provides users with three subscription options, of which the 12-month plan is the most cost-effective and popular among users. For only $11.66 per month, users can enjoy the perfect monitoring plan. There is also a 3-month plan available at $28.32 per month. For those who just want to give it a try, there is a one-month plan, which costs only $49.98 a month. No matter which of these three subscription methods, users can monitor the data of 30+ software.

At the same time, SpyX provides users with a variety of convenient payment methods. Users who are accustomed to using credit cards can pay with credit cards, or users can choose to pay according to local payment methods (including Paypal and various payment methods suitable for the local area). In addition, payment with cryptocurrency is also an option.

Final thoughts

While there are many brands of monitoring apps on the market, few are as comprehensive as SpyX. When applied to intimate and secure relationships, SpyX is the best choice for users. SpyX lets you know where the people you care about-whether partners, children or employees-to keep them safe at all times. Use SpyX to enhance understanding between couples and create a loyal and intimate relationship; use SpyX to keep abreast of your children’s online status and create a healthy and safe online growth environment for your children; use SpyX to care about employees’ daily lives, promote mutual communication, and improve employees’ office efficiency.

If you want to know more details about the application’s features and services, please click spyx phone monitoring software. SpyX will always provide you with the most sincere service.

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