Latest Chrome update will make your browsing experience a lot more secure


If you’re someone who has a bad habit of using weak passwords or worse, reusing those weak passwords, Google has a security feature in the form of Safety Check that helps protect you and notifies you of potential threats and issues.

The only downside to Safety Check is that users need to deploy the feature themselves, but that will change in an update to Chrome. Google has announced that the latest update of Chrome will now see Safety Check run in the background for desktop users.

This means that whenever a security vulnerability has been detected, or if it detects that one of your passwords is compromised, users will be notified more quickly than before, giving them more time to take the necessary actions and steps to securing their passwords and accounts.

Google will also be revoking site permissions for websites that you have not visited in a long period of time, so for example if a website had previously requested for access to your location or microphone and webcam, but you haven’t visited it in a while, those permissions will be revoked just in case. Since giving permissions is pretty easy, this won’t be a huge inconvenience to users.

These changes should be rolling out to users as we speak, so it might be something to keep an eye out for.

Source: Android Police

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