Android will soon make it easier for you to decide if you should replace your phone’s battery


The batteries in our smartphones degrade over time the more we use it and the more we charge it. Such is the nature of li-ion batteries which is why we can’t wait for the day when new battery technology, like solid-state batteries, eventually makes its way into our mobile devices.

That being said, a recent report from Android Authority has uncovered some information in the Pixel Feature Drop for December 2023 where it seems that in a future build of Android, Google could soon start displaying more battery-related information on Android phones, where a new page called “Battery health” could give users more insight into the battery health of their devices.

Based on the strings that were discovered, this is expected to include information like the “estimated percentage of charge the battery can currently hold compared to when it was new”, meaning that how much charge your battery is currently capable of holding versus when it was brand new.

Apple’s iOS already displays battery health information following the throttling fiasco, so it’s nice to see Android getting something similar with added details. This could be useful for users who are noticing that their phones aren’t lasting as long as they should, and if it is due to battery degradation, they can then make a decision as to whether or not they want to change their batteries or maybe get a new phone.

Source: Android Authority

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