Saving video frames in Chrome is about to get a lot easier


Have you ever wanted to save a video frame in a video that you’re watching? It can be tricky, not to mention kind of messy because if you’re doing things like trying to grab a screenshot, you might end up with the video frame along with the media playback controls in the image as well.

Thankfully, a future version of Chrome will make that easier. It appears that in the latest version of Chrome Canary, Google has rolled out a new feature that will allow users to save a video frame simply by right-clicking the video they’re watching and saving that particular frame like they would an image from a website.

Prior to this, Google actually had a feature called “Copy video frame” that would copy the video frame, but then users would need to launch an image editing software, like Paint, paste the video frame and then save it. With this new save video frame feature, it eliminates a lot of those steps.

Keep in mind that this feature is only enabled in Chrome Canary, which is basically like a version of Chrome that Google uses to showcase and test new features and also for developers to try out new things. For the average user, it’s not the best idea to use it as a daily driver but it can be a good way to try out new and upcoming features. We’re not sure when Google plans to push out these changes, but it could be something to look out for.

Source: Android Police

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