LG’s latest gaming monitor lets you switch refresh rates on the fly


A lot of monitors these days come with fast refresh rates and these refresh rates can be changed by going into the display settings on your computer. It’s not a complicated process, but it does involve several steps.

That will change with LG’s latest UltraGear display. Ahead of CES 2024, LG has unveiled one of their new UltraGear monitors, the 32-inch 32GS95UE UltraGear OLED which features a 4K resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate, which if you’re willing to sacrifice the resolution to 1080p can bump its refresh rate to a blazing fast 480Hz.

But one of the cool features of this monitor is that it allows users to switch refresh rates and resolution either using the joystick’s directional switch or a hotkey, allowing users to change resolutions and refresh rates on the fly. This means that if you’re playing a fast-paced game that would benefit from a higher refresh rate, you can switch to it quickly and then back again when you don’t need it.

Other features of the display include high-end HDR picture quality with DCI-P3 98.5% at 400 nits, built-in speakers with DTS Virtual:X tech, G-Sync compatibility, and a .03ms GtG response time. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced but we should have more details in the coming weeks.

Source: LG

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