Yes, Someone Actually Managed to Run Windows Phone on a MacBook


While we mostly cover Android-related news here on Phandroid, this latest feat of software wizardry is just too impressive to sleep on. In what is one of the more interesting independent software projects that we’ve seen in recent times, YouTuber Nobel Tech has managed to port over Microsoft’s long-gone Windows Phone OS onto an Apple MacBook.

While the video isn’t exactly a tutorial on how to set-up Windows Phone on Apple hardware, it does show the OS booting on to the familiar tile-based Metro user interface, which was probably the biggest trademarks of Windows Phone. Surprisingly, the UI manages to adapt nicely to a larger display.

With that being said, it isn’t a perfect port as it appears that some functionality is missing, which is understandable given the vast differences in play between the OS and the hardware involved. On one hand, it is pretty impressive (as well as nostalgic) seeing Windows Phone up and running again, albeit on a larger display.

Windows Phone had a long history, initially touted as one of the biggest competitors to Android and iOS in its heyday. Microsoft unfortunately decided to pull the plug on the platform in 2017 (then known as Windows 10 Mobile), citing several factors including strong competition and lessened user adoption.

Source: Windows Central

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