Awesome Allpowers Christmas sale delivers $1,800 in savings on their power stations!


Power stations don’t come cheap, but considering how much use you will be getting out of them, and the fact that many of them have batteries that could last you close to a decade, if you work it out by per year, it’s actually not too bad.

That being said, everyone loves a good deal, don’t they? If you’ve been eyeing a power station but always felt that it was out of your budget, then you might be interested in checking out this Christmas sale that the folks at Allpowers is running where you can save up to $1,800 on the company’s power station and accessories!

This deal will run from the 10th of December until the 25th of December, so if you’re doing some last minute Christmas shopping, this could be a deal to check out. There are actually a bunch of products that are on sale, but we’ve rounded up some of the top deals that you can check out first.

ALLPOWERS R4000 Plus SP039 Solar Panel – Starts at $2199 (was $3999), Save $1800

The R4000 is probably one of Allpowers’ most powerful and robust power station. It features up to 4,000W of AC Pure Sine Wave Output, but it doesn’t stop there. In case you need to take things further and power more energy-demanding devices, it does support surge power where it can be boosted to a whopping 6,000W, essentially allowing you to power just about anything.

It also sports a 3,600Wh capacity battery. The battery that Allpowers has chosen is the LiFePO4 battery which is considered to be safer and longer-lasting compared to traditional li-ion batteries. In fact, it supports over 3,500 cycles before dropping to 80% of its original capacity, allowing you charge it daily for about a decade!

The R4000 also supports voice control, it comes with a touch screen, it can act as UPS backup for your computer, and it plays nicely with Allpowers’ solar panels so that you can easily recharge it even without direct access to a wall outlet.

ALLPOWERS R3500 Plus SP039 Solar Panel – Starts at $1999 (was $3799), Save $1800

Next up, we have the Allpowers R3500. This is a slightly less powerful version of the R4000, but it doesn’t mean that it’s “worse”. It is slightly smaller so if you value portability, then this could be a great option.

In terms of its specs, it can put out up to 3,200W of Pure Sine Wave power, but can also peak at 7,000W which is pretty handy in a pinch if you need to power up something that requires a bit more energy. As for its battery, it has a 3,168Wh capacity battery, but it also uses LiFePO4 technology which means that it will last you a pretty long time.

There is also support for solar charging so if you’re constantly on the move, solar charging will definitely come in handy.

ALLPOWERS R3500+B3000 Home Battery Backup – Starts at $2799 (was $4599), Save $1800

If you like what the R3500 has to offer, then you might also be interested to learn that it is also modular where users can choose to expand it with an additional B3000 battery, and it also supports UPS which can kick in in as little time as 15ms. The addition of the B3000 battery can bring it up to a total of 101kWh, which is plenty of juice and perfect for situations where you’re on the road a lot and don’t want to charge it as often, or as a home backup system where the added battery means you’ll have power for longer in the event of an extended blackout.

ALLPOWERS R2500 Plus SP039 Solar Panel – Starts at $1699 (was $2199), Save $500

Last but not least, if you want a power station that’s affordable, then the Allpowers R2500 could be a great choice, especially after its $500 discount. In terms of specs, it isn’t quite as powerful as the R4000 or R3500 we mentioned above, but it is a smaller power station which makes it great for travel for those camping trips.

It packs a 2,106Wh battery, and in terms of power output, it can go up to 2,500W of Pure Sine Wave power and hit a peak of 4,000W. Unless you need to power something that’s very energy demanding, this should be perfect for your camping needs where you might need to power things like lights, a kettle, maybe speakers, heaters, and so on.

There is built-in UPS support with a 15ms kick-in time, so while its battery and power output isn’t ideal for a home backup system, it can do in a pinch if you’re in urgent need of power during a blackout. There is also support for solar charging where it can fully recharge in 2 hours.

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