Android developers can now integrate Google’s Gemini AI into their apps


Last week, Google announced the launch of Gemini, its latest AI that’s designed to take on and maybe even surpass OpenAI’s GPT-4. One of the versions of the AI is called Gemini Nano, a version designed for Android, and now Google has announced that they are releasing the Gemini API that will allow developers to integrate it into their apps.

One of the good things about the Android platform and Google in general is that unlike Apple, Google does open up a lot of its services to third-party developers. This is clever because it means that instead of having to do all the work themselves, third-party developers who have access to these tools can build it for them. According to Google:

“Gemini Pro is accessible via the Gemini API, and it’s our best model for scaling across a wide range of text and image reasoning tasks. To simplify integrating Gemini Pro, you can use the Google AI SDK, a client SDK for Android. This SDK enables direct integration from Android apps and removes the need for developers to build and manage their own backend infrastructure, reducing development costs and improving velocity.”

The Gemini API will support 38 languages over 180 countries worldwide, and according to Google, the free access tier should be enough for most developmental needs. This is pretty awesome that Google is moving so quickly, so now we’ll have to wait and see which developers will be taking advantage of this API and add Google’s AI to their apps.

Source: Google

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