Yay! No price increase for the Samsung Galaxy S24


Every year, the prices of smartphones go up. This is natural due to inflation, currency exchange, costs of R&D and components going up, and so on. Thankfully, it appears that for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Samsung might not be hiking the prices of the phones.

This is according to a report from The Korea Economic Daily in which it claims that Samsung will be using the same prices as the Galaxy S23 series. For context, this means that the base Galaxy S24 could be priced starting at $799.99, while the Galaxy S24+ could be priced starting at $999.99, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be priced starting at $1,199.99.

Keep in mind that while this is good news, the prices of the Galaxy S24 smartphones are nowhere what anyone could call “affordable”, but at the very least fans of Samsung and those planning to upgrade can somewhat breathe a sigh of relief as they might not have to pay more than the Galaxy S23 models.

A recent report claims that Samsung is apparently planning to sell over 30 million units of its Galaxy S24 series, and keeping the prices the same as its predecessors could be one way to ensure that it won’t scare would-be customers away. None of this has been confirmed yet so take it with a grain of salt.

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