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Power stations are giant batteries, which means that they will eventually need to be charged. This isn’t an issue if you use power stations at home as a home backup system for whenever there is a blackout as you can always easily recharge it using the wall outlet. But what if you’re outdoors?

What if you’re on an outdoors adventure like a cross-country roadtrip or a camping trip with friends and family? Accessing power then might not be quite as convenient, which is why getting a power station that supports solar charging might be a good idea. If you are looking for such a power station that has solar charging support and is compact but also powerful, then the Yolaness SAPY1600 could be it.

Harnessing the power of the sun

The Yolaness SAPY1600 supports recharging via solar panels. This means that if you’re constantly on the road without access to direct electricity, you can always use the company’s solar panels together with the power station to ensure that it stays topped up. For example, during the day when you might not require the power station, simply set up the solar panels under the sun and the SAPY1600 should be good to go by nightfall.

In terms of solar panels, the SAPY1600 supports both the 100W and 280W solar panels that are also being sold (as a bundle or separate) by Yolaness. The main difference between both models is the power it can generate and its size, where the 280W model will be larger and heavier compared to the 100W, but both feature foldable designs that will make them easy to carry around.

So if you need to walk from your car to the campsite or to wherever it is you’re planning to spend the night, it will be extremely easy to bring the solar panels with you. The solar panels themselves are IP54 rated, which means that they can be used outdoors without having to worry too much about the elements.

The 100W model boasts a conversion rate of at least 24%, while the larger 280W model has a conversion rate of at least 22.5%, and when used together with the SAPY1600, Yolaness estimates that it should take about 3-4 hours to fully recharge (by 500W of solar input ). This means that you can set it up during the day and by late afternoon you should be good to go.

Pretty convenient, if you ask us.

Compact design for easy portability

The Yolaness SAPY 1600 is a relatively small power station. It measures 370 x 311.5 x 235 mm and weighs around 16kg, which might sound heavy to some, but it’s still a weight that can be easily moved around, especially using the handles that Yolaness has thoughtfully included in its design.

Its size also makes it perfect if you’re not planning on driving a large vehicle and you want a power station that can be small enough to fit on the backseat of a car or in its trunk. Of course given how small it is, if you plan to do a cross-country roadtrip in an RV, you should have no problems with it either.

Keeps your camping gadgets powered

Now for its size, the Yolaness SAPY1600 packs a surprisingly large 1536Wh battery that can put out up to 1600W of power, or 3000W in surge powering in case you need to power some more energy-hungry appliances.

According to Yolaness, the SAPY1600 will be powerful enough to power most things you would need while camping. This includes an electric grill, so no need to start a fire, a blender, outdoor lights for a nice ambiance, and even a projector if you want to enjoy a midnight movie under the stars.

It comes with a bunch of AC outlets, USB-A, and USB-C, and if you plan to pair it with the solar panels, the solar panels themselves also come with additional USB ports so in case you have a ton of devices that need charging, you can connect some of them to the solar panels as well, allowing you to pretty much stay completely off the grid!

Pricing & availability

So if you are thinking about going on a camping trip in the near future and think that the Yolaness SAPY1600 is the perfect fit, you can head on over to the company’s website to place your order. The SAPY 1600 is normally priced at $1,400, but right now it’s enjoying a massive discount where you can pick it up for just $630 for the power station by itself.

If you love the idea of solar charging, Yolaness is selling several different bundles that includes either their 100W or 280W solar panels starting from as low as $728, making it a fantastic deal if we ever saw one, so what are you waiting for?

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