Android needs to steal this iOS security feature now!


Our phones contain a lot of personal and private data, like notes, medical history, photos, contacts, financial information, and so on. This is why many people get incredibly upset if they lose their phone or it gets stolen.

Generally speaking, whenever a phone is stolen, there are ways to prevent the thief from accessing it or wiping it and reselling it, but it looks like Apple has gone one step further. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the latest iOS 17.3 beta includes a new feature called Stolen Device Protection.

What this does is that whenever it’s activated, even if the thief were to somehow figure out your phone’s passcode, they still wouldn’t be able to access certain important features. This includes viewing passwords, disabling Lost Mode, wiping it, and more. If they do want to access these features, they’ll require biometric security either through Face ID or Touch ID, meaning that unless you’re there physically in person, there’s nothing they can do about it and are left with a worthless brick of a smartphone.

There are also further restrictions. For example, if the thief were to try changing your Apple ID’s password or the phone’s passcode, they would need to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID, wait an hour, and then authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID again. Basically the idea is to make it as troublesome as possible in hopes that it would either dissuade smartphone thieves from even trying to steal an iPhone, or make it so that it would be a complete waste of their time.

Source: Tech Radar

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