Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 specs leak reveals insane battery life!


The problem with a lot of smartwatches today is that battery life for a lot of them is less than ideal. While there are some that will last weeks, most of them tend to last several days at most. If you hate having to charge your wearable every few days, then maybe a fitness tracker could be a better idea.

Samsung is reportedly working on a new tracker in the form of the Galaxy Fit 3, and thanks to a post on X by Ahmed Qwaider, the potential specs of the device has been revealed. One of the highlights of the specs is its battery life, where apparently it can get up to 21 days of battery life in total.

Obviously this will vary from user to user and how they use it, but 21 days is pretty impressive and could be great users who hate charging their devices often. Other specs include a 1.61-inch display with a pixel density of 302 PPI, a body made out of aluminum, and it will apparently be offered in gray, silver, or pink gold.

We did hear previous rumors that it could see a doubling in price to around the $100 mark, making it more expensive than its predecessor, but the larger display and long-lasting battery life could still be worth it for some. Samsung hasn’t officially announced it yet, but it could launch at the Galaxy S24 event in January next year.

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