Not all Pixel phones will get the new Repair Mode feature


There is a concern that when you send your phone in for repair that the repair person might snoop around and maybe even steal your private information and data, like photos, videos, documents, and so on. To address that issue, as part of the Pixel Feature Drop, Google is introducing Repair Mode.

It’s basically a temporary “safe” space that hides your personal information from being accessed by unauthorized users. This will allow the repair person to fix your phone and run tests to ensure that everything is working, while also preventing them from snooping around. Unfortunately, not all Pixel phones are eligible for it.

According to this Google post, it seems that all Pixel devices from the Pixel 5a onwards will be able to take advantage of it. Devices that don’t appear to be eligible include the Pixel Tablet and Pixel handsets older than the Pixel 5a. It is unclear why these older devices didn’t make the cut, but maybe it’s because they are no longer officially supported in terms of updates for new features.

Either way, the update does seem to cover most of Google’s newer devices, so unless you’re still daily driving a very old Pixel handset, you should be covered. In the meantime, if your Pixel phone isn’t covered by Repair Mode, one way to protect your privacy would be to back up your phone and perform a factory reset before sending it in.

Source: Google

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