Meta Announces Major Updates for Messenger App


Meta recently announced that it will be introducing new features for the Facebook Messenger app, which the company says is designed to improve user security and privacy. Among these is default-enabled end-to-end encryption (E2EE), a feature found on some competing messaging platforms which ensures that users’ messages remain private and secure.

While E2EE has been available on Messenger for some time now, this new update now makes it default across chats and calls done in Messenger. In addition to the new features, this update will be available immediately, with scheduled rollouts in different regions.

Additionally, other features include the ability for users to edit messages within 15 minutes after sending them, with the option to report abuse, allowing Meta to view previous edited versions of the message.

Furthermore, disappearing messages will now last for 24 hours after being sent, and users will be able to tell when disappearing messages are turned on. These will be available for end-to-end encrypted conversations, but users can still report disappearing messages if they receive something inappropriate, for example. Users can also access new read receipt controls that allow them to decide if they want others to see when you they read their messages.

For photos and videos sent in Messenger, Meta says that the update introduces improved image quality, with new layouts and controls when reacting to media. At the moment however, HD media and file sharing improvements are still in testing.

Voice messages can now be played at 1.5x or 2x speeds, and users can even pick up listening to a voice message from where they left off, and continue listening to a voice message when exiting the chat or the app itself. It should be noted that some features might take a bit of time to roll out fully for all users, given the apps huge database.

Source: Meta

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