Screen sharing on WhatsApp will soon get a lot more useful


Many people use WhatsApp as their daily and primary messenger, communicating with friends, family members, colleagues, and customers alike. This makes it a tool not just for regular chats, but also a tool that can be used for business purposes like making presentations and so on.

If you do use WhatsApp quite a lot and rely on its screen sharing feature to show presentation slides to others, then you might be interested to learn that an update could soon make the feature a lot more useful, at least according to an APK teardown conducted by the folks at Android Authority.

In the teardown of the app, it has been revealed that WhatsApp is apparently working to add audio to screen sharing. This means that whenever you share your screen through WhatsApp, any audio that is being played on your phone will also be played through the speakers on the phones of the people you’re sharing your screen with.

This could be useful for sharing videos, music, or if you’re making a presentation that might contain audio, this will help make those presentations a bit more entertaining. Take note that this feature isn’t live yet and that the only references to this audio feature is in the code, so when exactly it will be rolled out to the public remains to be seen, if at all.

Source: Android Authority

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