Evernote’s latest experiment will negatively affect its free users


Evernote is one of the more established names when it comes to note-taking applications. Like most apps, it has a free and paid version, where the paid version offers more perks and unlocks more features, but for users who don’t need all those features, the free version is usually good enough.

That could change soon.

A report from TechCrunch has revealed that Evernote could be planning to severely limit the functionality of the app for free users. This limitation will only allow free users to own 1 notebook and 50 notes, and that if these users need more notebooks and notes, they can choose to upgrade to the paid plan.

This was initially spotted by an Evernote user who noticed the popup message and reported it to TechCrunch. Evernote has since confirmed to the publication that this is accurate but for now it is only an experiment and a pretty small one at that, with the company saying that it only affects less than 1% of their free users. This means that there is no guarantee that this will be made a permanent change, and presumably based on user feedback Evernote may or may not decide to go ahead with it.

They also point out that even for users who are affected by these limitations, they will still be able to manage, edit, view, and export their existing notes, even if the number of existing notebooks and/or notes exceeds the current limitations. It just means that they won’t be able to create new notes or notebooks unless they upgrade to the paid plan.

Source: TechCrunch

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