Did Samsung forget burn-in protection for One UI 6?


OLED screens are beautiful to look at. They offer much richer and saturated colors and deeper blacks, making images and videos pop and making the overall experience a lot more enjoyable. The downside is that they experience display burn-ins, where static images when left on the screen for too long leave behind an imprint.

To solve this issue, Samsung (and other handset makers) deploy burn-in protection by shifting pixels of the UI around every once in a while to ensure they don’t remain static. This seems to be something Samsung might have forgotten to include in the One UI 6 update. This was discovered by u/dragosslash who shared their findings on Reddit.

Basically, the static elements in One UI 5 were found to constantly shift. This included the status bar and the navigation bar, but in One UI 6, it was discovered that the status bar UI does not shift but the navigation bar does. This feels like an oversight on Samsung’s part, rather than a deliberate choice.

Samsung has yet to comment on the matter but hopefully they are aware of it and that in a future update they will bring it back. With this short period of time no burn-in complaints have been recorded yet, so Samsung probably shouldn’t drag their feet!

Source: Android Authority

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