RECnGO puts the power of a video studio on your phone at an unbeatable price!


Putting together a video is pretty easy. Apps like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie have helped simplify the editing process for beginners, but what if you needed to take things to the next level?

What if you wanted to record a podcast, or maybe put on a livestream that supports multiple angles with multiple cameras? Or what if you need to capture audio from multiple sources at the same time? This can complicate the workflow, but thankfully, apps like RECnGO can make things a lot easier.

The best part is that the company is running a sale for its software where it is normally priced at $349, but until the 26th of November midnight, you can grab it for only $69, which is quite a steal considering everything that the app can do for you.

Mobile video recording studio

If you’ve ever seen a TV studio or a movie set, you’ll notice that there is a ton of equipment just to hook up and connect the various cameras, microphones, and lights together. Obviously this isn’t always possible for the average user who just wants to record some simple videos and it is one of the reasons why beginners tend to keep their setups simple.

This is actually one of the strengths of RECnGO. It simulates a video recording studio within an app that you can run on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, giving you full control over the various connected equipment so that you can manage it all with a minimal setup. All you need to do is decide how many cameras or microphones you want for the video you’re making and let RECnGO’s software take care of the rest.

The software interface is simple and straightforward, making it clear what users need to do and where they need to go if they need to add more cameras or microphones. Users can easily switch between cameras with a simple click or tap, allowing them to easily direct an entire video with not only minimal equipment, but also a skeleton crew if there’s no one else to help or if there is no budget to hire additional people.

Edit videos on the go

Usually video recording software and editing software are separate apps, but with RECnGO, the company has put everything together within a single app. This cuts down on the need to export video files, ensuring file format compatibility, and so on, and users will be able to make edits from within the app.

Seeing as how RECnGO is an app available on mobile devices, it also means that if you’re moving around, you can still make edits on the go. This includes being able to add graphics, logos, and overlays, editable text, insert pre-recorded videos, images, and more.

Livestreaming capabilities

During live TV streams, you’ll notice that the scene changes constantly. For example, let’s taking a live singing competition, you’ll notice that the scene can change from closeups of the singer, then when they’re being interviewed, the camera will change from the person being interviewed to the person giving the interview.

You might then also get pre-recorded clips of the person’s past performances and so on. If you’re looking to recreate that kind of video quality and experience during your livestream, RECnGO can deliver.

As we mentioned, one of the strengths of the app is being able to handle multiple video sources at once from a single app. Users can set up things like transitions so that when they move from one camera to the other, they can choose how that video transitions. In a way, it’s kind of similar to those physical stream decks which some streamers use to change video sources.

The upside here is that since this is an app, you can actually get someone else to be your director (or you can be the director) and make those changes and transitions from behind the camera from a mobile device or laptop.

Users will also be able to choose to broadcast the video from the RECnGO app to various livestreaming platforms. This includes Facebook and YouTube, but they can also choose other platforms as long as that streaming service accepts the RTMP server address and streaming key.

Multiple cameras, multiple audio sources

Most basic video recordings or livestreaming involves a single camera and a single microphone, and in some cases like with webcams, your microphone and camera are bundled together. This isn’t ideal if multiple people are speaking at once, like in a podcast.

RECnGO supports multiple cameras and multiple audio sources, so you can not only switch between the people speaking, but also have a greater degree of control over the audio settings in case one person is speaking too softly, you can boost the levels from their microphone and so on.

One of the cool features of the app is that if you’re hosting a podcast and your guest isn’t in the studio, you can actually add a remote video source so you can actually insert that person into your video or stream even if they aren’t there in person. Granted you might have less control over their camera or audio quality, but you’ll still get overall control and can easily switch between cameras, angles, and more.


All in all, RECnGO is a pretty amazing tool that lets you enjoy the power and flexibility of a video studio all within a single app, making it perfect for those who are on a budget or want something that’s simple and straightforward to use and understand.

As we previously mentioned, RECnGO is currently on sale where it’s enjoying a massive sale where instead of its usual price of $349, it’s been discounted to $69, so now might be a good time to check it out if you’re interested in this kind of setup. For more details or to purchase, head on over to RECnGO’s website.

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