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We’re not sure why, but when it comes to first-party and official charging accessories, companies usually make them pretty boring. Sure, they get the job done, but more often than not it’s hard to justify paying these prices when third-party accessories are not only more interesting, but are also more value for money.

This is an area where Ugreen shines. The company is known for their mobile chargers and charging accessories that are pretty affordable, and some of them are also pretty fun and interesting. The best part is that if you’re looking for some early Black Friday deals, Ugreen’s got some amazing discounts that you can check out.

Whether you’re looking for a charger, charging cables, power stations, or docks, there are a ton of fantastic options to choose from where you can get massive discounts of up to 40%! So, what are you waiting for?

Ugreen Chargers and Cables

Mobile chargers are pretty straightforward in terms of their operations and what they can do, but who says they can’t be fun as well? One of the awesome deals that Ugreen is running is for the Nexode RG 65W GaN charger.

As you can see in the photo, this is a mobile charger that’s designed to look like a little robot – how cute is that?! This charger offers up to 65W of charging power so it should charge up your phone or tablet pretty quickly, plus it also relies on GaN charging technology that’s been known to be safer and more energy efficient compared to more traditional chargers.

Plus, there’s a built-in LED screen which displays a face that can change depending on the charging situation, so if you’re looking for a charger that would also make the best desktop charging accessory and companion, then the Nexode RG 65W GaN charger could be it.

UGREEN Uno Charger 65W USB C Charger Nexode 3-Port Robot GaN Charger...
  • Robot Design, make charging more fun: UGREEN Uno Charger 65W has 2 USB C ports and 1 USB A port, which can fast charge your...
  • Powerful and Fast 65W Charging: This GaN charger can charge your MacBook Air M2 from 0 to 51% in just 30 min with single...

Power Bank and Power Station

In addition to making mobile charging accessories, Ugreen has also dipped its toes into the power station market. If you’re looking for a power station to take with you on a road trip or to your next camping trip, then the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200 could be an option worth considering.

It is one of Ugreen’s larger power stations, but that’s because it packs a larger 2,048Wh battery that can be expanded if you want, and it can also put out an insane amount of power and can power appliances that up to 3,500W. It also comes with a whopping 16 ports so you can connect pretty much everything and anything you want to it.

If you’re concerned about its size and weight in terms of portability, Ugreenhas thoughtfully included a detachable trolley that will make it easier for you to wheel it around from location to location. There is even support for solar charging so if you find yourself without access to a wall outlet, you can always rely on Ugreen’s solar panels (sold separately) to charge it in the sun.

UGREEN Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200, 2048Wh LiFePO4 Power Station...
  • Fully Recharged in Just 1.5 Hours: Recharge the PowerRoam 2200 portable power station from 0 to 100% using an AC outlet in...
  • Power All Your Needs: U-Turbo technology powers up the solar generator allowing support for high-wattage appliances of up to...

Docking Station

One of the trends we’re noticing in today’s laptops is that there are fewer ports than there used to be back in the day. This is because some computer makers are prioritizing size, and with USB-C/Thunderbolt offering up multi-functionality, it results in laptops being more streamlined.

But if you do need the extra ports or if you have older peripherals that still rely on older port types, then a laptop dock could be the answer, like the Ugreen Revodok Pro. This is a 9-in-1 docking station that offers up a host of connectivity options.

This includes an Ethernet port in case you prefer a wired connection, DP and HDMI ports for your external displays, and USB-A and USB-C ports to connect peripherals like keyboards and mice as well as your smartphone or tablet or external hard drives.

So if you’re running a setup where your laptop acts as both your on-the-go computer and home computer, then this docking station will no doubt come in handy.

UGREEN Revodok Pro 209 USB C Docking Station, DisplayLink 9-in-1 Dual...
  • Muilt-Extended Modes for macOS: Boost your work efficiency with the UGREEN USB C Docking Station's DisplayLink Technology to...
  • Lightning-Fast Data Transfer: Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds with 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 and 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2...

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