Some Pixel 8 Pro displays are warping


It appears that the Pixel 8 Pro smartphones might have a display problem. According to posts on Reddit and the Google Support forums, some Pixel 8 Pro smartphone owners are noticing some warping on their displays.

These warpings come in the form of bumps and indentations that have suddenly shown up. While for the most part these bumps don’t appear to be too obvious, there are concerns that it might get worse over time.

Image credit – u/marlotrot @ Reddit

As 9to5Google points out, teardowns of the phone in the past have revealed some components under the display that could have caused those bumps and indentations, where the components could be pressing against the OLED panel. Users are claiming that for now, there is no impact on the touch functionality or image quality of the screen, but obviously this is not a good sign.

Luckily for some users, they have managed to get a replacement phone from Google, although we have to wonder how widespread this issue is and if Google might need to launch an exchange program. It is unclear why this is only happening now, but perhaps some of these phones were put into tight pockets or were accidentally sat upon, causing the components to pierce the display panel.

Either way, if you own a Pixel 8 Pro, you might want to try and keep an eye out for these markings and if you notice them, you can try your luck and see if Google will give you a replacement.

Source: 9to5Google

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