OPPO Find X7 Pro could be the ultimate zoom camera


A lot of smartphone makers market the telephoto lenses on their phones in a kind of ridiculous manner, like being able to take a photo of the moon. It’s impressive, no doubt, but how often would we need to take such photos?

Zoom lenses are probably one of the more underrated lenses on smartphones, and if you’re a fan of telephoto lenses, then the upcoming Oppo Find X7 Pro could be a phone to keep an eye out for. This is because a post on Weibo by Digital Chat Station has revealed that the handset could launch with dual telephoto lenses.

According to the rumor, the Find X7 Pro’s main camera will be a 50MP Sony LYT-900 1-inch sensor, and it will be accompanied by a 50MP 2.7x optical zoom lens that uses Sony’s 1/1.56-inch IMX890 sensor and a 50MP 6x optical zoom lens that uses the Sony 1/2.4-inch IMX858 sensor. Lastly, there will be a fourth lens in the form of a 50MP ultrawide.

Now, we’re not sure what is the point of having two telephoto lenses because honestly at this point, it seems rather novel. It is possible that Oppo will use some kind of software algorithm to extra the data captured from those lenses to create some super zoom image, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Digital Chat Station

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