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When it comes to mobile charging accessories, Anker is a name that most of you might be familiar with. The company is known for creating some of the best third-party charging accessories for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, offering up some affordable charging gadgets for those who’d rather not pay the premium for first-party accessories.

That being said, everyone loves a good deal, right? For Black Friday, Anker has decided to generously discount a bunch of its charging accessories where you can get some pretty awesome deals for its accessories like the Anker Prime 240W GaN desktop charger, where you can get up to $90 off, and the Anker 737 mobile charger where it’s enjoying a 10% discount.

Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger

The Anker Prime 240W GaN charger, as its name suggests, is designed to be a desktop charger. This means that it is meant to sit on your desktop to help you charge a bunch of your devices, whether we’re talking about wireless mice, headphones or earbuds, smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

It offers up an insane 240W of power which means that it will have more than enough juice to power and charge pretty much everything and anything you throw at it, especially larger laptops that might need that extra boost of power that a smaller charger might not be able to provide.

If you’re worried that the charger might be too big or bulky, you don’t have to be. This is because it is built using GaN technology which uses different components compared to your typical silicon-based chargers, allowing it to be smaller, more efficient, and more importantly, safer.

As added security, Anker has included ActiveShield 2.0 that monitors the charger’s temperature around the clock, conducting 3 million checks throughout the day to ensure that the charger is still within safe operating temperature levels. The charger has three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port for legacy devices. It is normally priced at $199.99, but with its $90 discount, you can grab one today for just $109.99!

Anker 737 120W GaN Prime Charger

If you don’t need such a big charger for your home and you want something smaller and more portable for travel, then the Anker 737 120W GaN Prime Charger could be a good candidate.

Similar to the desktop charger from Anker, this charger is also built on GaN technology that allows it to be smaller and safer compared to other chargers in the same class. It offers up to 120W of power, so it should be more than enough to charge all manner of smartphone or tablets out there, as well as some smaller laptops.

The charger also features Anker’s PowerIQ 4.0 technology which they claim will be able to charge devices up to 26 minutes faster, so if you don’t have the luxury of time to sit around and wait for your devices to charge up, this should be able to help with that.

The Anker 737 charger features two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port which should be more than enough to charge your mobile devices while you’re on the go. The charger is normally priced at $79.99, but with the 20% discount you can grab it for just $72.

Other Awesome Deals!

In case the two chargers we mentioned above aren’t what you’re looking for, Anker’s Black Friday sale will cover quite a number of charging accessories and you should be able to find something that suits you best. On top of that, Anker is also going to be giving away a free gift with purchases over $80! With the various discounts that the company is offering, you can grab simple chargers for as low as $10, so be sure to head on over to Anker’s website for the details.

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