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MediaTek unveils new WiFi 7 and 5G RedCap connectivity solutions


Our world has grown increasingly connected over the past decade or so. It used to be that going online was viewed as a luxury (in some parts of the world it still is), but these days, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can easily hop onto the internet.

Even day-to-day appliances we use at home are becoming more connected. We’re talking about smart lights, video doorbells that can stream a live feed to our smartphones and computers, storage that can be accessed anytime and anywhere around the world.

With this increasing need to stay connected, MediaTek has unveiled several brand new connectivity solutions to help with that.

This includes the Filogic 860 and Filogic 360 chipsets that are designed to help bring WiFi 7 connectivity to more devices, as well as their new T300 series of chipsets and M60 modem that will help facilitate 5G RedCap for non-mobile devices like our wearables, smart headsets, and more.

Filogic 860 & Filogic 360

With the Filogic 860, MediaTek envisions that this chipset can be used for industrial purposes. This includes enterprise access points, service provider Ethernet gateways, as well as mesh nodes. It can also be used for retail like in IoT router applications.

The chipset is built on the 6nm process that offers a low-power WiFi design that supports dual-band WiFi 7 with what MediaTek claims is the industry-highest dual-band MLO speeds, where users can expect speeds of up to 7.2Gbps. The chipset also supports single-MAC MLO, along with dual-band, dual concurrent capabilities with 4T4R for 2.4GHz up to BW40 and 5T5R 4SS for 5GHz up to BW160.

Its range can also be boosted with MediaTek’s Filogic Xtra range support using an extra antenna, allowing devices to offer up wider coverage if necessary.

While the Filogic 860 might have more industrial and enterprise use, MediaTek hasn’t forgotten about the average consumer and more consumer-friendly devices, and that’s where the Filogic 360 comes in.

It offers triple band support for Wi-Fi 7 2×2 where users can expect speeds of up to 2.9Gbps. It also supports 4096-QAM and MRU, along with 160MHz channel bandwidth support. Similar to the Filogic 860, the range can be extended with Filogic Xtra by using a hybrid MLO solution.

The Filogic 360 might also have benefits for gamers, where it comes with dual Bluetooth 5.4 cores for low-powered connectivity, as well as BLE audio with integrated DPS and LC3 codec support.

MediaTek M60 modem & T300 series chipset

One of the benefits of 5G over previous mobile connectivity standards is that it is considerably faster. This is more than just about download speeds for watching videos on your smartphone. It opens the door to a lot more possibilities with our devices and also for industrial use.

To facilitate the use of 5G in our non-mobile devices, MediaTek has announced the M60 modem IP and T300 chipset series, both of which have been designed to support 5G RedCap, which can then be taken advantage of by devices like wearables like our smartwatches, wearable medical devices, mixed reality headsets, IoT devices, and more.

According to MediaTek, the T300 will be the world’s first 6nm RFSOC single-die solution for RedCap. It features a single-core Arm Cortex-A35 and will be capable of supporting up to 227Mbps downlink speeds and up to 122Mbps uplink speeds. Both the T300 series and M60 modem will also use MediaTek’s UltraSave 4.0 technology which the company claims will offer up to 70% in the reduction of power consumption compared to other similar chips, and up to 75% power savings compared to 4G LTE solutions.

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