More memes are coming thanks to Instagram’s new content creation tools


There are plenty of funny memes on the internet and we’re sure that some of you would love to be able to create one that goes viral. It’s not that hard to create content these days, but Instagram is making it easier than ever.

The company has announced a bunch of new tools that they will be introducing to its platform that will make it easier for content creators to make new content, such as memes where users can quickly and easily add clips with audio via the media clip hub.

Of course, these tools are more than just about making memes. Some of these tools include the ability for users to scale, crop, and rotate individual clips, along with undo and redo features, as well as 10 new English text-to-speech voices.

Creating content can also be a bit time-consuming and can’t necessarily be done in one shot, which is why this update will also see Instagram give its Drafts a makeover. It will now be easier for users to edit in-progress reels and users will now have a more streamlined view of saved drafts, allowing them to preview them, rename them, and schedule them in advance

Some of these features are rolling out as we speak so if you’re looking to post more content on Instagram, then these new tools could be worth checking out.

Source: Facebook

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