The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 could launch in 2024, but you’re not going to like its price


If you want a fitness tracker but don’t want to pay for a smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Fit series is a good alternative to the company’s lineup of Galaxy Watch smartwatches, but that value proposition could go right out the window next year.

According to a report from Korean publication Asia Economy, it has been rumored that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Fit 3 in 2024 but it will come at a steep price increase where it will apparently cost twice as much as its predecessor. For context, the Galaxy Fit 2 was priced at KRW 49,500 when it launched, but the Fit 3 is now rumored to cost KRW 100,00.

After conversion it’s roughly $77 and it is still a good sight cheaper compared to the Galaxy Watch series, but at that price it is also not as worth it anymore. This is because there are other fitness trackers out there that are cheaper, like those from Xiaomi, so unless Samsung has something special to offer its customers, it could be hard sell.

That being said, previously leaked renders have suggested that the device could come with a larger display, hence the increase in price. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but if you are looking for a fitness tracker under $100, it could still be worth checking out once it’s been launched.

Source: SamMobile

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