Here’s How the Pixel 8 did in DXOMARK’s Camera Tests


The launch of the Pixel 8 series phones shows that Google still has what it takes to achieve stellar photographic results on its smartphones, despite fierce competition from its rivals. With that in mind, we finally got the much-awaited DXOMARK scores for the base model Pixel 8, which yielded some surprising results.

Based on DXOMARK’s testing, the Pixel 8 was able to rank 9th in DXOMARK’s global ranking, falling just behind the Huawei Mate 50 Pro and ahead of the Pixel 7 Pro. It did manage to grab the top spot in the premium ranking category, beating the iPhone 14, 15, and the Galaxy S23.

According to DXOMARK’s testing, the Pixel 8 was able to excel due to being able to produce pleasant skin tones in photo and video, as well as good texture quality in images. Additionally, the phone also exhibited wide dynamic range for photo and video, had relatively fast autofocus, and effective video stabilization.

Of course it isn’t a perfect phone – tests show that the Pixel 8 occasionally suffered from slight underexposure, and exhibited noise instabilities across consecutive shots and in low light and backlit scenes, both for photo and video. There was also a noticeable loss of detail at medium and long tele zoom range.

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Google Pixel 8
Google's newest Pixel phone comes with a set of AI features, as well as refinements to performance and design.

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