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Google Home and Nest Just Got Some Super Useful Updates


Google recently announced that it was bringing over some useful new features for Google Home and compatible Nest devices, which gives users more functionality out of their hardware. The updates were announced via Google’s official support page for its Nest Community.

Using Google Home’s script editor, users can now tap into camera events to initiate automated tasks and custom notifications. For example, when an event like “package delivered” is detected, users can set their Google Home system to initiate certain automations.

Using generative AI, the script editor can now help users create their own automations using natural language prompts using “help me script”. Users can enter prompts like, “When it’s sunset, turn on my lights and close the blinds,” and the tool will then generate an automation script that can be customized and applied to a user’s home setup.

Additionally, new starters and actions will be available for Household Routines via the Google Home app. These enable users to build Routines that start when someone is in a specific room – for example, users can set a daily schedule that automatically closes blinds, adjusts lights or indoor temperature.

For folks looking to keep an eye on their energy usage, Google has also enabled the Nest Thermostat to take advantage of Seasonal Savings during certain times of the year.This allows the thermostat to analyze schedules during the start of summer and winter, and make small adjustments to maximize energy cost savings.

For quick controls, Android 14 also now features a home panel that gives quick access to Spaces and Favorites directly from a user’s lock screen, letting users control their lights, cameras, speakers, and other smart home devices easily.

The Google TV widget is now available on more Android devices, so users can directly access their favourite shows and programming straight from their home screen, as well as use their phone or tablet as a remote.

Source: Google

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